Offer for Residents

Special offer for Residents

The time and the distance are problems to arrive to Palma?
No more excuses..!!

For residents of Mallorca who wish to learn Spanish at our centre, we have a generous offer:

Academia Mallorca welcomes you and encourages you to start learning or improving your Spanish.

No excuses regarding time or distance to get to us…. We come to you, to your home, your office.

We are qualified teachers, Spanish mother tongue, over 20 years’ experience, well planned lessons, fun and stimulating classes, full immersion into the Spanish language for 60 minutes at a time. And, to cap it all, we have a comprehensive range of proprietary course materials, such as:

  • Long list of everyday use expressions… no need for grammar
  • 500 pages of exercises to do in the class
  • Conversation scripts- beginner to advanced
  • Easy to read stories
  • Discussion topics and so much more….

We are ready from the moment you give us the go ahead!

Why learn Spanish?

Because communication unites people.

Spanish is a romantic, fun and interesting language.

Many people nowadays wish to learn Spanish, an important requirement when travelling to all Spanish-speaking countries.

Spanish is spoken by over 500 million people worldwide, and it is the mother tongue in over 20 countries.

Spanish has thus become the second most spoken language worldwide. Learning Spanish opens up a new and exciting range of possibilities:

to meet new people, to understand what’s going on in the media, to become acquainted with the culture and customs of other world regions as well as better relationships with business contacts and much more intense and interesting holidays in Spanish-speaking countries.

It also enhances employment opportunities and makes for a much more interesting social life, both on a face-to-face and social media basis.

We encourage you to learn Spanish … one more tool for the future!



Prices for learning Spanish in school

Individual lessons Hours per dayCost per hourTotal cost of course
10 hours / 01 week219,00 €190,00 €
20 hours / 02 weeks218,00 €360,00 €
30 hours / 03 weeks217,00 €510,00 €
40 hours / 04 weeks216,00 €640,00 €

The prices for individual classes in school without reserving a course are 25€ per hour.

Group Classes of 4 to 6 participantsweeksPrice per hour and per personTotal cost of course and person
10 hours / 01 week114,00 €140,00 €
20 hours / 02 weeks213,00 €260,00 €
30 hours / 03 weeks312,00 €360,00 €
40 hours / 04 weeks411,00 €440,00 €

Prices for learning Spanish at home

Individual Classes at your home              Hours per dayCost per hourTotal cost of course and person
10 hours / 01 week222,00 €220,00 €
20 hours / 02 weeks221,00 €420,00 €
30 hours / 03 weeks220,00 €600,00 €
40 hours / 04 weeks219,00 €760,00 €
Group Classes at your homeweek/sPrice per hour and per personTotal cost of course and person
10 hours / 01 week117,00 €170,00 €
20 hours / 02 weeks216,00 €320,00 €
30 hours / 03 weeks315,00 €450,00 €
40 hours / 04 weeks414,00 €560,00 €

Prices have a different value depending on the distance from the school to a distance of 20 km from the center of Palma.

The price for private lessons is 30.00 Euros per hour without reserving a course.

The prices include VAT. One hour of class is 60 minutes.

The invoice must be paid directly after the reservation has been made.

Cancelation conditions:

Cancellation of the course is possible one week before the start of the course. (7 days before) with a 50% refund of the cost. Then the payment will not be returned.