Conversation Course

Don’t just study Spanish… Learn it…!

Academia Mallorca offers a conversation course for those who have learned some Spanish grammar, but who have not had the opportunity to practice and improve their language through

This course is for people who want to speak Spanish, with confidence and without being afraid, no matter what situation you are in. For people who are learning the language, the most important element is to practice speaking the following situations:

  • Greetings and introductions
  • Conversations and discussions
  • Vocabulary
  • Idioms and phrases used everyday

This course hepls develop language for ‘everyday’ Spanish. To help you achieve the best results, we will practice repeat everything you have learned. We will enthusiastically motivate you to learn the language and enable your confidence to grow.

We hope to welcome you soon and start working with you!

Course for childs

Spanish course for children

Private Spanish lessons for your children in Mallorca.

Dear parents, “Academia Mallorca” has created a specialised Spanish course, specifically for children who require Spanish lessons in a place of learning as a reinforcement of the practice of the language.

“Academia Mallorca” offers an exclusive course for all those children and adolescents who need to practice, strengthen and improve the knowledge and language skills they have acquired.

In this course, your children will learn the language with confidence and ease whilst improving their academic performance.

They will adapt immediately to the lessons, confidently interacting in conversation with other students.

At the beginning the students will learn the most important expressions – covering a variety of situations, such as:

  • Presentations. 
  • Dialogue. 
  • Conversations with questions. 
  • Greetings and Farewells. 
  • Vocabulary and phrases.    

With our many years of experience in teaching language, we achieve a fun, motivational learning environment for all our students. “Academia Mallorca” offers you a very warm welcome, and looks forward to you sharing in the classes successfully together.

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    How is Mallorca?

    MAJORCA: Mediterranean Lady

    This elegant island has to offer anything a visitor might dream of.

    Tourism at Majorca started to develop already in the 1920s, and until the Spanish Civil War it was mainly intellectuals and artists who were attracted by this island.

    Majorca’s wonderful climate, beautiful landscapes as well as its cosmopolitan ambience make it a privileged holiday resort, with a cultural offer comparable to the one of many European capitals. The Auditorio de Palma, for instance, ranks among Europe’s top concert halls.

    At Majorca, you will find relaxation, inspiration, culture and entertainment…

    Why Academia Mallorca?

    Because it is the best option to learn Spanish

    And the teachers at Academia Mallorca have an unparalleled passion and commitment to their work. We aim to make our students feel motivated in class, thus allowing them to speak with confidence at all times.

    As you can read here in the following student testimony:

    Our lessons are easily comprehensible, which makes students lose their inhibition when it comes to speaking and makes them feel more comfortable when expressing their thoughts in society. The technique we apply is face to face learning, through continuous and repeated communication.

    In this way, the students can increasingly adapt to our system. Our duty is to correct and guide the students in every step forward they make, confirming the different skills they develop in every lesson. We guarantee seriousness, responsibility, effective ways of work and confidence.

    Moreover, we have necessary teaching aids with exclusive topics for every level, from beginner to advanced levels.


    Angel Estrada was born in the province of Carchi Ecuador. After spending his first years there, he then moved to the capital, Quito, to continue his education. Over the years he showed an unusual gift for teaching, usually small groups who needed tutoring. He also worked with primary schools organizing small summer courses.

    His vocation to become a language teacher stemmed from all this experience; there followed a five year period of higher education, eventually specializing in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.
    His dedication, knowledge and experience earned him a position in the prestigious school of languages of the capital, where he worked for 5 years.

    He then went on to work in other international institutions, gaining ever more experience in the way in which pupils approach and absorb a foreign language.

    Academic qualifications

    • Has taken part in many teaching courses and workshops at the faculty of literature and philology of the University of Quito (Ecuador).
    • Courses: 2 years of English, marketing, human relations and pedagogy.

    Professional experience

    Teacher of Spanish at

    • Spanish school for foreigners “Nueva Vida”- 5 years
    • Spanish school for foreigners “Institute Indo-America” – 6 years
    • Spanish school for foreigners “Amazonas Spanish School” – 5 years

    Professional objectives

    He aims to apply all this knowledge and experience, teaching Spanish to beginners or to those who wish to improve their language skills.

    He successfully manages to transmit enthusiasm throughout the learning experience to many different types of students seeking to learn Spanish. Angel endeavors to identify the natural aptitudes and skills of each of his students, to then apply these to the learning experience, making it an enjoyable and exciting journey.

    He has been living in Mallorca for about twelve years, and his techniques and teaching style have gradually become known by word of mouth. This has led him to open his own school of languages: Academia Mallorca.

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    We recommend you to take advantage of the opportunity and attend our courses,

    we are sure that you will learn a lot and improve you conversational skills.

    In this way, you can connect with others with more ease and skill.

    We look forward to seeing you!